5000 Szolnok, hrsz. 0585/5 next to high way 4 opposite the MOL Petrol Station
Telephone: 06-56/526-195  Fax: 06-56/240-365
If you have not requested a home delivery service, you can pick up the ordered product at the agreed time at the premises of PRI-MO-RA 2000 KFT (5000 Szolnok.Outskirts 0585/5 hrsz.). Delivery to the house is performed by TNT courier service on behalf of PRI-MO-RA 2000 KFT.

TNT will deliver throughout the country within 24/72 hours of picking up your package (not your order!). Please provide an address in your shipping details where someone who can pick up your package is certain to be on the day of delivery.
 Product category prices:

The price shown next to the products is the net and gross purchase price of the natural product without surface treatment. Optional surface treatments: hot-dip galvanizing, powder coating in black and antique-bronze. After selecting the desired option, you can see the total amount for the product added to the base price.
Click on the product image for more information about the product.
The photos next to the products are symbolic, the packaging and appearance of the products may differ.

Product warranty:

If the goods are defective, the customer is obliged to notify PRI-MO-RA 2000 KFT before receiving them in person. In the case of home delivery, take the product only after checking the integrity of the contents of the package. Do not pick up a defective or damaged item and request a damage report from the courier! Defective or damaged products will be replaced free of charge. However, if this is not possible, the purchase price paid will be refunded.
Replacement of the article is only possible if the original packaging and the accompanying documents are available.

The English warranty card attached to the product applies to defects that occur during use.
The seller’s further warranty and guarantee liability in the Civil Code and 117/1991. (IX.10.) Shall apply.
Delivery time:

After placing your order, we can provide feedback on the contact details provided.
In case of an oversized, overweight package, the delivery time may be extended!
Please indicate the delivery address when ordering, where you will be available during the day (from 8 am to 5 pm). Please include your phone number in your details so that we can contact you if you have any problems!

Shipping costs:

Products are shipped on a weight basis.
Shipping costs after ordering can be determined based on the gross amount of the purchase and the total weight of the product.

In the case of transporting a floating gate, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide two additional people for unloading in addition to the driver.

You can pay in the following ways:

  •  Payment by bank transfer – The buyer pays for the product by bank transfer. After the order, we issue a fee request, which is sent to the customer, on the basis of which the customer transfers the value of product to the indicated account number, as soon as we receive a notification from the bank, we contact the customer and after after consultation, the product will be delivered to the requested address.
  • cash payment / cash on delivery – The buyer pays the full amount when the product is delivered to the postman, who provides a quittence for this. Please inspect the package on the delivery in front of the Postman, and in the event of any damage to the products, ask for a report and do not take over the package. We cannot accept subsequent complaints without a report!

It is important to pay attention to the accuracy of the data, as the product will be invoiced and delivered based on the data provided.

If you have not requested a home delivery service, you can pick up the ordered product at the premises of PRI-MO-RA 2000 KFT (5000 Szolnok outside 0585/5 hrsz.), In which case the consideration corresponding to the final amount of the invoice must be handed over on the spot.
In all cases, you will receive a detailed invoice for the ordered products by post from the Primora Webshop.
If you have any question about or comment on our service, please let our customer service know.

Thank you for reading through our information!